IN-PERSON OR VIRTUAL Gardening Presentations For Your Group

Pam speaks on a wide range of gardening topics to garden clubs, flower shows, faith groups, neighborhood associations, special interest groups, and anyone passionate about gardening.

Pamela Hubbard

A few recent topics:

Creating an English Cottage Garden

Pamela shows you how to make a charming cottage garden in the English style. She describes the design elements of an English cottage garden that you can incorporate in your garden. Pam suggests plants appropriate to the gardening conditions of the area. She illustrates her talk with photographs of her gardens and of gardens in England.

Plan Your Best Flower Garden Ever

Join gardening expert Pam Hubbard in this informative program as she explains fundamental design principles. She will show you how to draw a simple plan. You will learn the basics of plant selection, soil preparation, and plant care. Begin planning your best garden ever, right now!

Gardening Smarter, not Harder

If you have less time in the garden than you would like, or you are slowing down as you get older, then this program is for you! Learn wise gardening practices that include choosing low maintenance plants, implementing laborsaving techniques, and prioritizing garden tasks. Using photographs taken in her garden, Pam Hubbard will show some of the smart strategies she uses to create a beautiful garden retreat.

Creating a Pollinator Garden Using Native Plants

Pamela illustrates this talk with beautiful pictures of her own gardens and the pollinators that inhabit them. Pam explains why we should attract pollinators and use native plants. You will learn what pollinators and native plants are. She gives numerous suggestions for suitable native plants for your area. Pam concludes with the importance of gardening sustainably. You will leave inspired to create your own pollinator garden.

Gardening With Children

Pam offers activities and tips for gardening with children, including planning, tools, safety issues, and the best plants for children to grow. In addition, she describes some wonderful year-round gardening activities for children that will pique their interest and teach them garden principles, such as watching seeds sprout in winter and making a sunflower tepee in summer. She shows photographs of some of her favorite children working on gardening projects.

The Healing Garden

Connecting with nature in a healing garden creates positive changes in the body: lowering blood pressure, decreasing heart rate, and improving mood. Let Pamela show you, with beautiful photographs, two types of healing gardens. You will learn about therapeutic gardens you can visit, plus how to create your own by following Pam's eight practical steps and workable hints. This talk provides a new look at healing gardens through the lens of the stressful times we live in today.